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Primo RED

Primo RED is RedWest Creatives Co-Op’s first exhibition as a group and features the talent of a diverse group of visual artists, ranging from paintings and video stills to ceramic sculpture.

Formed in March 2018, RedWest is made up of artists and creatives who bring their own experiences, networks and wealth of knowledge to do our part in growing and developing the arts in local neighbourhoods in the western suburbs of Melbourne.

Along with events and activities for artists and performers, Redwest also provides services such as the auspicing of grants, advocacy and providing access to networks and other opportunities.

View Photos from opening night here

Ayesha Dharmabandu

My artwork was inspired by my journey in spirituality.

I began most of my journey about 6 years ago, when I was diagnosed with two autoimmune diseases, which came with chronic pain and other linked illnesses. I understood this was the universe telling me to find my path and purpose.

Through meditation and light work (reiki) I was able to explore my true purpose of living- and understood that creativity was the only thing that aligned me to live a balanced life.

I manifested in being an art educator and began teaching art to young individuals, as well as a freelance make up artist and an artist.

Everything I do now is expressed through many forms of art. 

Leesa Gray-Pitt

Leesa draws from many sources of inspiration from the ocean that she loves, the colours in nature to man-made sculptures, but faces – whether in the flesh, on canvas or paper – will always be constant source of pleasure and her true passion!

Currently Leesa is painting big canvases – statement pieces!
She also loves to experiment with different mediums and techniques such as gold leaf, splatter, paint straight from the tube, always pushing boundaries and challenging herself.

Leesa’s CV

Donna Racovalis

DMR is a flamboyant, passionate, self-taught, Australian artist who grew up in the Western suburbs of Melbourne and at an early age spent much of her time visiting the beach and searching the wetlands looking for earthly treasures

DMR is known for her extremely vibrant works but does occasionally enjoy referring back to some of the beach scenes. DMR signs off with a signature of resin with something up-cycled or reused sunken into it.

Anyone who knows DMR knows she is passionate about up-cycling landfill materials giving something used another chance of life as well as making you smile or feel lifted by her work.

Carolyn Warren-Langford

Carolyn Warren-Langford from Studio Pyra is the creator of PyreBorn Women – a pantheon of fat bottomed wild women, painted ladies and handless maidens formed from clay, many of whom shapeshift into birds and yearn to fly away.

Her ceramic figures are often embellished with scraps of
metal or adorned with gatherings from bush ramblings and other cast aside treasures.

Each captures an emotion, a moment in time when their true wild nature sneaks out….

Carolyn’s CV

Will Francis

Will Francis commenced is career as Gold and Silversmith at Albion Metalware / Pellegrini and Co which was located on the corner of Bridge Road and Lennox St in Richmond.

It was here that he gained the skills and become a Journeyman Silversmith whilst witnessing the Luna Landing being broadcast in black and white on a portable telly that belonged to the Master Goldsmith.

Will was looking toward the future and enrolled as an Art Student in the Gold and Silversmithing Department at the now University of RMIT, Melbourne.

Will is represented in the important MacMillan Collection, which houses works by students since the inception of the Gold and Silversmithing Department at RMIT. It is a collection of
international significance.

Now, after a practice of some fifty years and at retiring age, Will has returned to academic life gaining Bachelors Degree of Creative Arts (Honours) At Deakin University.

He still practices from his small studio at home and also teaches jewellery making to year 8 and 9 students at Alamanda College in Point Cook.

Paul Zahra

Hi, I am Paul Zahra, the creative force behind Rukz One. Inspired by music, nature, the universe and humanity, I have been creating art for as long as I can remember. My art is can often be unique and complex although will always embrace the full spectrum of human emotion.

Whether I am bubbling over with the melodies from my mind, or freeing the colours of my emotion, I am always overflowing with creative energy. The soundtrack to my work is a synergy of expression through instrumental and vocal poetics. In life, I seek to understand the humanity of others and create opportunities for a smile and a laugh.

I am most proud of my creations supporting the Woolworths and MLDC Health and Fitness Centre, Women in Business fundraiser supporting Women’s Cancer, Brody and Ellie’s Helping Hand supporting Cystic Fibrosis, Sleepbus and the KKCF caring for orphans and underprivileged children in Sri Lanka. 

Teaming up with TBC I was able to assisting in running workshops helping young artists step into a creative practise from High School and give back to the area I grew up in.

Notable artistic influences include Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basquiat, James Reka, Salvador Dali, Van Gogh, Maurits Cornelis Escher and Pablo Picasso. My artic style itself has drawn inspiration from skateboarding and the Melbourne street art/graffiti culture.

Collaboration and support in the artistic community is a motivating force in my creative journey, creating work with artist around Australia and the World. Organising events combining music and art under the “Creative Culture” banner provided opportunities for creatives to showcase and celebrate works. Creative Culture hosted shows in North Melbourne, Richmond and Brunswick most noteably at The Penny Black venue.

More recently a board of directors position as secretary for RedWest Creative Co-Op Ltd continues to provide a network collaborative option for artists in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne.

Michelle Ripari

Michelle Ripari is an award winning and internationally published fine artist, illustrator and teacher. Michelle’s tool of trade are pencils: including graphite, watercolour and coloured pencils, and especially loves working with coloured pencils.

Fulfilling a childhood dream, Michelle has recently began illustrating for children’s books using watercolour pencils and ink and is currently writing her first children’s fantasy/adventure novel, also aiming to write and illustrate children’s picture books.

Michelle’s CV

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